The Lvsi Inland River Transshipment terminal(吕四内河转运码头) has been on stream


On Feb. 28, 2023, CL WANG, Staff member of Network Cross Trade Line, accompanied by Mr. F. ZHANG, GM of Sinotrans Nantong, made a site visit to the Lvsi Inland River Transshipment terminal(四内河码头).


Lvsi Inland River Transshipment terminal吕四内河转运码头 is located on the side of Lvsitong Lv Canal吕四通吕运河, 2km west of the 2+2 wharf in the West Harbor Basin.

The wharf provides river-sea transshipment, river-river transshipment, seaport connection, site leasing, cargo storage and other services.


The terminal was brought to operation in December 2022.