COSCO Shipping Adopted New Means to Carry Tractors and Trucks on Pulp ship

On January 17, 2023, the multi-purpose pulp ship "COSCO SHIPPING Brilliant" loaded 431 tractors and heavy trucks from Qingdao Port, China and set sail for South Africa. It debuted the V-RACK ultra-wide frame container, which was independently developed by the COSCO shipping, starting a new mode of transportation of “commodity vehicle”.

The so called “V-RACK frame container for large vehicle’s transportation” adopts the length of a 40-foot container, but the frame is widened to meet the size of a large vehicle, which is wider than a standard container.  The lifting method is no different from that of a 40-foot standard container and use the standard lifting point operation, which can meet the hoisting and stacking requirements of most container terminals in the world.

The frame is suitable for various types of ships, such as pulp ships, multi-purpose ships, and heavy lift ships. It not only meets the safety requirements for loading and unloading large vehicles with extra width, height, and weight, but also can make full use of the loading and unloading facilities of container ports and avoid using of roll-on and roll-off terminals. It is very suitable for loading large vehicles such as buses, heavy trucks, and tractors.