Today's theme is the four major segments of breakbulk shipping company business:



They are;
Preparation of vessels
Canvassing cargoes
Cargo operation
Vessel operation


The above four are the basic operations of break bulk shipping companies.
Now, let’s explain to you one by one.



The first segment is Preparation of vessels. In order to transport cargoes, you must prepare a vessel first.



There are three ways to prepare vessels as follows.


To prepare a vessel by building up a new ship is called Shipbuilding.


To prepare a vessel by buying a used vessel is called Purchasing.


To prepare a vessel by renting a vessel is called Chartering.



The second segment is Canvassing cargoes. Canvassing cargo is to collect a lot of cargo that can be transported by car carriers or conventional ships.

If the manufacturer is exporting their products by themselves, your sales team would go to the manufacturer directly to promote the service.


If the trading company is trading the products, your sales team would go to the trading company.


If the forwarder consistently undertakes inland transportations, custom clearances, sea transportations, installations, etc., your sales team would go to the forwarder.